About us


2008. The cooperation between Jano Technical Center AB (JTC) and Gislaveds Verkstad AB (GVAB) commences. Collaboration mainly concerns the manufacturing method Multicomp, which JTC has developed and patented a few years earlier. The background is that JTC wants to be able to offer a comprehensive solution that also includes serial production of details. All in order for the customer to technically and practically get a good sense of the possibilities of the method. Together, the companies also want to create an environment for method development where production experience can be implemented in future constructions.

2009. The cooperation develops into a common ownership. The intention is to deepen cooperation and make the necessary investments.

2010-2011. The method development of tool manufacturing continues - among other things, the tools are tested under serial conditions prior to delivery to customers. Now, both companies can offer added value to their customers in terms of increased efficiency in both tools and production.

2012. On August 15, both companies collaborate in a joint organization - the OptoComp Group. OptoComp becomes the first company in the engineering industry to focus on process development in connection with tool manufacturing. The ambition is to profile itself as a technology-intensive company that offers fast and smooth production startup, which can then be moved to the customer's production. 


By creating better processes and parts, we will help our customers lower their costs and improve performance.

The customer is our partner and cooperation is our mantra.



We offer a range of products and services throughout the product's entire life cycle. The customer themselves chooses which services to use.

Quality and invironment

Optocomp is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by Qualify.


Quality policies

In an ever changing world, OptoComp will offer products and services that will help contribute to developing our customers' own processes.

By using our overall perspective and our constant, systematic pursuit of improving, our customers will perceive OptoComp as a partner with a high level of service and competence.

Our deliveries, externally as well as internally, must be consistent with, and preferably exceed, the expectations placed upon the company.

The main factors for our success story should be based on our employees commitment, their ability to take on responsibility, as well as to be able to respond and take upon themselves the level of quality requirements during their daily work.

Therefore, OptoComp deliberately works with competence development and providing information for all occupational groups.

Our method of working must be compatible with the current laws and requirements put upon us.

Environmental policy

Environmental policies

OptoComp's environmental management system shall be applied to all parts of our operations.

We aim to identify all the relevant aspects of our company’s environmental impact, and will in this way establish new goals to further and develop our environmental work.

We strive towards continuous improvement of work in our environmental performance, as well as our risk minimization in regards to pollution.

At the same time, we are aware that we must constantly and continuously follow up on our environmental work, to make sure that no new risks appears.

In the event of any disruption in the business, care for health and the environment must be the priority.

We shall comply with all applicable laws and other relevant environmental- and work life environment requirements.

All of our employees must be aware of how they can help contribute to a good daily work environment, as well as to an external environment.

In the day-to-day work employees must take personal responsibility, by being aware and by immediately reporting any risks they might come across.

This is a basic requirement for everyone to be able enjoy, as well as strive to develop in their work.

Prior to making any major decisions in regards to investments or changes that can significantly affect our sustainability work, the company must carry out a risk-, and undergo an impact assessment on work life environment, especially in regards to health and safety issues.

This shall be done in collaboration with representatives of the employees.

Our view of projects

Within Optocomp we apply a project method based on openness and communication.

Experience has taught us that watertight bulkheads in the product development process can easily lead to expensive re-considerations as new skills are added. We work methodically to keep several steps in the development process open at the same time. Meanwhile, we communicate with all involved professionals - including external experts and consultants. In this way we can avoid long and costly deals where we suddenly have to go back four steps because we have failed to consider factors further down the chain. We also get the chance to truly optimize and synchronize the product's function and design with respect to volumes and chosen manufacturing process. In this way we can contribute to a truly cost-effective product.

About the business

We see ourselves as heptathletes, that's the breadth of what we do that creates speed, flexibility and value for the customer. We work for all aspects of the full lifetime of a product, defining the steps of Design & Design, Production Adjustment, Prototyping, Tools, Production, Service & Maintenance, and Spare Parts.

The business is divided into three parts.

Production, as a subcontractor, we process raw materials through tube bending, stamping, welding, other mechanical machining and assembly. Through subcontractors, we provide surface treatment and, to a lesser extent, other special services (due to volume or specific technology).
Tools, on customer orders we construct tools, buy raw materials which we mill and wirecut. Through the subcontractor we cure and coat individual parts. The parts and purchased semi-finished products are assembled and we verify, under production conditions, the performance of the tool.

Technical service handles other parts of our palette. Technical service is thus an entirely commissioned consulting business that usually results in physical products.